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Flanged and dished heads with Omega Laser Plate

Omega Thermo Products is one of the few suppliers that can also supply F&D heads with Laser Plates under ASME, CE-PED, and CRN. Many of the bottoms supplied by Omega are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Also F&D heads are used for process tanks, with a full vacuum or high pressure prevailing in the tank.

Two flat sheets of stainless steel are welded together and after this process the flat head is sent out for forming. Generally the Laser Plate covers 80% of the heads surface to allow the head to be formed without forming on the laser welded portion. The forming is hydro formed or bump formed depending on the size. The heads are sent to the customer fully formed, trimmed and ready to be installed on the tank. Once the head is installed the jacketing will be inflated hydrostatically.

Head volume calculation
The F&D head dimensions of a dish produced according to DIN 28011, meet the following conditions:
r1 = Da - large radius of the bottom is equal to the tank diameter.
r2 = 0.1 * Da - the radius of the circumference is 0.1 * the tank diameter
h1 = 3.5 * t - sheet thickness
h 2 = 0.1935 Da - 0.455 s
h3 = h1 + h2

Using a laser welded head is a cost savings over welding on pre-formed dimple. There is also flexibility in design for isolations of tank connections and openings.
Other tank bottoms
Beside Flanged and Dished heads we can also provide cones or reverse dished heads with Laser Plates.

If you have special requirements, please contact us.






We can process the following stainless steel materials:

  • Austenitic material (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317, 321)
  • (Super) duplex materials (2205, 2507, 2304, LDX-2101)
  • Nickel alloys (Nickel, Hastelloy, Inconel)

If you have a F&D head of a different material, please contact one of our engineers.

Smooth side Inflated side
3,0 mm + 1,0 mm
4,0/6,0/8,0 mm + 1,0/1,25/1,50 mm
10/12/14 mm + 1,50/2,00 mm
16 up to 30 mm + 2,0/2,5 mm

Pressure and temperature
Our Laser Plates can handle a working pressure of > 1500 psi, depending on the chosen temperature. F&D dishes can be used for an operating pressure up to approx. 725 psi.
F&D heads that are covered with Laser Plates allow you to reach temperatures of 570 °F, depending on the choice of materials.

Omega Thermo Products produces F&D heads under the following certification:
• ASME U-Stamp

We are happy to help you with a heat transfer calculation.