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Centro, Inc. Joins Omega as Industrial Rep!

June 22, 2022

Omega Thermo Products is excited to announce that Centro, Inc., has joined the Omega Rep team, and is now the exclusive authorized representative for the sale of Omega Laser Plate Heat Exchangers in the Industrial markets for state of Arkansas, Northern Louisiana, Western Tennessee, and most of Mississippi.

Centro map


To contact Centro regarding your laser plate needs, please use the below information:


Centro, Inc.
3315 Overton Crossing
Memphis, TN 38127
Phone: 800-238-6672

Email: info@centrosolves.com


About Centro

Centro is a specialty distributor and sales representative company focused on customers in industries where manufacturing process flow control of fluids, solids and gases is a critical success factor.  The company is organized into six divisions:  Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products Division; Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division; Automation & Robotics Division; Filtration & Process Systems Division; Process Equipment & Sanitary Division; Pump & Seal Division. Each of these divisions provides specific services and expertise to customers to control or monitor different parts of a manufacturing plant process. www.centrosolves.com