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Algae bioreactors with Pillow Plates

May 1, 2018

With the rapidly increasing demand for algae products on the world market, one of our customers invests roughly € 16 mio. in the construction of an industrial plant for production of algae biomass.
After several years of research, they succeeded in bringing an innovative algae production system to industrial maturity. With engineering, construction and operation of an industrial algae production plant, this plant manufacturer enters for the first time this international rapidly developing business sector as premium producer.
Cultivation of algae is done in bioreactors which are tanks in which algae are grown. Algal culture which is grown contain a number of strains. Controlled amounts of water, nutrients and carbon dioxide are provided in the culture medium. Oxygen liberated as the result of photosynthesis is removed from the tanks. Sunlight is provided by light tubes that are placed to channel sunlight. Omega Pillow Plates regulate the temperature in the bioreactors.
48 of these bioreactors with Pillow Plates are manufactured by our customer. We manufactured:

  • 32 Pillow Plates with tank material 1.4462 Duplex with Pillow Plate 1.4301
  • 18 Pillow Plates with tank material 1.4404 with Pillow Plate 1.4301

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