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Tank heating and cooling jacket

Heating, cooling, or maintaining temperature of an existing tank is easy with Laser Plates. Using Laser Plates saves the cost of building a new tank, makes the heat exchange easy to take off and replace and can be easily placed anywhere on the tank.
Omega Thermo Products makes single embossed and double embossed clamp-on plates depending on your needs.

How does a Clamp-on work?
Based on your data, we can calculate the required capacity to cool the existing tank or to heat it to the desired temperature.
Our tank clamp-on jackets are first welded as a flat Laser Plate, after which we roll and inflate them in the desired shape. You will receive the tank heating and cooling jacket completely finished with the right connections and isolations. All you need to do is mount it on your tank.

In most cases, Omega tank clamp-on jackets are double embossed. There are pillows on both sides of the jacket. By using heat transfer mastic, the clamp-on jacket fits up to your tank and the mastic fills in the air gap left by the pillowed shape.

Single embossed tank clamp-on jacket
Single embossed clamp ons are used in high temperature applications because a hardening mastic is needed to operate in higher temperatures.


  • Easy to change
  • The old tank does not have to be replaced
  • No need for welding on the existing tank
  • Heating or cooling is physically separated from the tank containing the product so there is no cross contamination
  • Exact product placement for where the tank needs to be heated or cooled
  • The low volume of the clamp-on plates allows you to easily control the temperature of the tank or reactor

Examples of industries where our clamp-on jackets are used are:





All our Tank Clamp-on Plates are custom-made. Together with an engineer, we examine your requirements for heating or cooling and which capacity is suitable for you. Below are our options:

Almost all mediums can be used with our Tank Clamp-on Plates, such as steam, thermal oil, R717, CO2, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, R22, R134A and R404A.
If you want to use other cooling or heating mediums, please email our engineers.

Tank heating and cooling jackets are made of stainless steel, such as 304, 316, SMO-254 and Duplex 2205. If you want a clamp on made with different material, please email our engineers.