Tank Components


All Omega jacketed tank components are welded using the latest technology of laser welding. Omega is a full service tank jacket supplier with the ability to size, design, and fabricate jackets for any application. We give the option of both flat un-inflated jackets for OEM manufacturers or fully fabricated tank components ready for final assembly into a tank or vessel. We can take the guess work out of jacket design by optimize any given design to it’s designated application, with no limitation to service mediums and products types. We jacket most tank shapes including conical or dished heads.


  • Product side surface is free from pitting, pocking and discoloration.
  • Welding is performed from one side, opposite from the product contact surface. This maintains the chemical and physical properties of the material after welding.
  • The inside of a laser-welded jacket is as clean as the material prior to welding.
  • Higher pressure rated heat transfer surface using thinner material.
  • Less chance of post production leaks due to high inflation pressures.
  • Higher heat transfer coefficients at lower flow rates.