Refrigeration Equipment


Falling film chillers are ideal for applications where a given liquid needs to be cooled within a few degrees of it’s freezing point. A falling film chiller can achieve this with no risk of damage to the evaporator in the event of ice build up. Omega offers some of the most versatile and efficient chillers on the market. We produce small un-insulated units for use in refrigerated rooms to large insulated units for outdoor use. For more information, specific to falling film chillers please review the falling film chiller literature download to the right.


Omega’s dynamic ice machines are ideal for high capacity ”chunk style” ice supply needs in such industries as fish markets and concrete production. Our dynamic ice machine design uses a hot gas harvesting mode that is very efficient and requires no mechanical workings to fail or require regular maintenance. Dynamic ice machines are available in a wide variety of sizes and options.


Thermal Ice storage units are a perfect method of storing thermal energy during periods of fluctuating energy costs and demands. Typical use of a thermal ice storage unit would be to build ice at night during off peak (lower rate) electrical periods and then melt during the day when energy cost are at the highest. The use of this technology is also very helpful to reduce electrical supply strain of local utilities, as overall electric demand continues to increase the stability of continuous supply and cost will be effected.