The Power of Light


Laser welding has proven to be the most efficient and cost-effective solution to conventionally-welded heat transfer surfaces with millions of square feet in operation today. We at Omega Thermo Products pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality products while saving our customers time and money. Our CNC operated laser welding machines achieve optimal accuracy that allow flexibility that is unmatched by any other heat transfer welding process.

Imagine a heating or cooling surface that is specifically designed for your application, with calculated process considerations that have been ignored or uncontrolled by conventional welding operations in the past. Now, imagine that this quality and assurance could be yours at no additional cost. This is the foundation of how Omega Engineered Products laser-welded surface has excelled in the heat transfer industry. We offer all our customers the convenience of on staff engineers to assist with any process questions or concerns that may arise.

Single-embossed panels are ideal for any application where a flat sanitary surface is required. Single embossed panels are utilized heavily for the process tank and cooling table/conveyor industries.

Double-embossed plates are ideal for any process cooling or heating applications where sanitary surfaces are not required.

Plate bank assemblies consist of double-embossed plates that have been assembled into banks to increase heat transfer surface density.

All laser welded assemblies offer an option of a partial or full ASME “U” stamp.


Laser welding provides the most precise and consistent welding results of any other welding processes.

Corrosion resistance
Low heat input minimizes heat affected zone reducing corrosion aiding effects such as; surface oxidation, carbide precipitation, etc…

Robotic welding achieves high dimensional accuracy

Weld distortion
Low welding heat input minimizes the effects of distortion after welded

Very clean and consistent weld appearance

Design Flexibility
CNC welding allows the freedom to optimize layouts for performance goals or to achieve complex configurations.

Wide range of material thicknesses available

Pattern flexibility
Full freedom to adjust welding pattern including circle weld sizes and configuration to optimize pressure and performance requirements.

The benefits of minimized metal / weld masses reduces the risk of failures due to thermal fatigue

Integration of design
Ability to pre-locate connections and special features such as manways, mounting bracket, etc..

Base sheet condition for single embossed parts
With complete control of weld penetration we are able to weld without and discoloration or distortion to sanitary side of the base sheet. Material can be pre-polished and laser welding can be completed with protective coating in place.