Bayonet Heaters

Bayonet heaters are installed in the side entry of the tank. A mounting flange, which is provided, is bolted to the side of the tank for ease of insertion and removal. This allows for good natural convection circulation of the fluid being heated. These heaters are ideal for use in recirculating systems and other applications where automatically controlled temperatures are needed.

Suction Heaters

The manufacturing process for suction heaters is essentially the same as bayonet heaters with the exception of a four-sided sealed shroud that encloses the plates with an opening on the far end. An outlet flange is then welded to the mounting flange that secures it to the tank. As liquid is pumped out of the tank, it is heated or cooled as it passes over the plates. Bayonet heaters and suction heaters are constructed of stainless steel and other alloys.